It's time to clean house with your business and integrate a booking platform that's sustainable. Pick Booksteam as...

The Beginner's Guide to Bookings for Cleaning Services The Beginner's Guide to Bookings for Cleaning Services

It's time to clean house with your business and integrate a booking platform that's sustainable. Pick Booksteam as your go-to online scheduling platform and stop doing the dirty work when it comes to the bookings side of your business.

Take a look at these five tips and tricks and learn how our online booking software for cleaning services can help your business grow!

1. Capture your Customer's Information for your Mobile Bookings

Your entire business is based on going to the client's home in order to fulfill your end of the bargain. In this case, it's always important for you or your staff members to capture your client's address and contact information.

When creating a new service in the 'Settings' section of the platform, scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Mobile service (client's address required)' in order to capture your client's information.

This way, when you're ready for the booking, you can easily pull up the client's address so that you can travel to and from in order to complete the service.

2. Synchronize your Calendar with Client Bookings

Easily sync up your Google or I-Calendar with your Booksteam calendar, so that you and your staff members can view all bookings along with other responsibilities in one spot.

Visit the 'Staff' section in 'Settings' and select 'Sync' to initiate this amazing feature. In this section you can sync up your own personal calendar with Booksteam.

3. Make it a habit and Schedule Recurring Bookings

It's much easier for you and your clients when the appointments are recurring either monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or even daily.  Enabling this feature will allow you or your clients to select how often they want this booking to occur and when. The other plus is that you can also forecast your sales and availability for bookings.

Schedule this feature by opening up an event, go to the 'Repeat' tab and start programming when you would like event to recur.

4. Add time in between Appointments

Booked with back-to-back appointments? Make sure to schedule time in-between clients by adding in a buffer. By incorporating this feature, you're giving you and your employees enough time to travel from appointment to appointment keeping your calendar organized and bookings consistent.

Program this buffer time by going to the appointment in 'Settings' and establishing the amount of time you need in-between appointments.

5. Customize Email Notifications for your Client Reminders

Ensure your clients are reminded for their appointments by setting up 'Client Reminders'. Coordinate when the client will receive the booking reminder and customize the message too. It's normal for people to forget about their confirmed bookings, which is why it's imperative to remind them so you don't lose out on lost revenue.

Incorporate reminders by navigating to 'Client Notifications' under 'Settings'. Here you can modify or edit when the reminders go out and what they say.

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Individualized attention, whether it be for swim, math, or music lessons - can lead any student or client to success. T...

How Bookings for Private Lessons Can Keep You Out of Trouble How Bookings for Private Lessons Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Individualized attention, whether it be for swim, math, or music lessons - can lead any student or client to success. The benefits of private lessons can help increase a student's confidence, it encourages responsibility, and it will allow them to obtain more knowledge at their own rate rather than going to a standardized class.

Take a look at these five tips below and learn how our booking platform can be tailored to your business.

1. Create a Motivating Class Environment

Build a motivating class environment by reserving rooms for different private lessons. A space that is catered to the subject or topic you are teaching about can encourage the student to produce a better score or improve their overall performance.

Create resources by traveling to 'Settings' and then clicking on 'Resources'. In this section, you can design new rooms by clicking on 'Add New Resource' filling out the information and clicking on 'Save'.  You can then reserve these resources by setting up an appointment in the calendar and select the room in the appointment window.

2. Parents can Book for their Children Stress Free

Take the stress out of booking for your client's with children. Parents can easily book for their children of 1 or more for any type of private lesson or class. Having one more student in the private lesson can actually help promote a healthy competition between the two students. This way both students might perform better together than they would alone.

Arrange this feature by going to 'Preferences' located in 'Settings' and then click on 'Scheduling Rules'.  You will then choose 'Clients Can Book Multiple Participants' modify your selection and hit 'Save'. Then, once clients book online, they'll be able to pick how many students will be attending the class or private session.

3. Manage Class History and Store Student Notes

Students or clients can easily monitor the private lessons they've registered for, attended, and rescheduled by visiting their own free Booksteam account. By giving your clients the ability to manage their own bookings, you're freeing up time for yourself and your employees.

Students can also schedule recurring private lessons when booking their lessons online. By enabling this feature for clients, you are basically prompting the client to continue their lessons, which will ultimately add to the success of your business.

Lastly, store student notes in their profile by going to the 'Clients' tab in the menu in your account. Easily access these notes before an appointment/class and update this section once the session is over.

4. Collect Tuition Fees Upfront or through Security Deposits

In no way do you have to wait for a student to pay after the lesson is completed. You can program your account so the client pays when they book online. Students can also pay a security deposit up-front and pay the remaining balance later. Conclusively; collecting fees in advance will help you and your staff members reduce time with administrative processes later on.

Setup your payment gateway and determine which permissions apply to your business by visiting the 'Client Payments' page in 'Settings'. Booksteam works with PayPal and Stripe, so all you have to do is connect your account and you're on your way to fast, easy, and reliable bookings.

5. Offer a Variety of Classes with different Staff Members or Teachers

Offering advanced, inter-mediate, or advanced private lessons? Assign staff members to different levels of private lessons that fit your business model.

You can also assign staff members to one or more classes offered; allowing your client to pick the teacher they want for their private lesson. Building a rapport with students is crucial as it can help impact the student's scores or achievements. Every student is different and can have a different learning style, so assigning teachers to multiple lessons can only benefit your business.

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Each season comes a new trending nail colour or a monthly maintenance is basically required by your clients. With a busy nail salon, it&#...

Why Nail Salon Bookings Will Change Your Life Why Nail Salon Bookings Will Change Your Life

Each season comes a new trending nail colour or a monthly maintenance is basically required by your clients. With a busy nail salon, it's becoming a necessity to integrate a booking system into your day-to-day operations to ensure efficiency and the success of your business.

By embedding an online booking system into your processes and sharing it with your clients, you can not only save time, but assess your monthly salon revenue to see where you can improve.

You can even incorporate time in-between appointments to prepare for the next booking, establish service groups, manage reviews, and advertise your business on social media. Take a look at these 5 tips and learn how Booksteam can benefit your salon.

1. Review Business Reports

Auditing your daily, weekly, and monthly metrics is vital to a healthy business. Easily measure salon revenue, appointment counts, and client absences by visiting the 'Analytics' button in the menu bar at the top of the page. From here, select either 'Statistics' or 'Reports' to view multiple sets of data.

By utilizing these reports, you can assess client retention, summarize salon peak hours, and monitor employee time.

2. Schedule Buffers In-Between Appointments

Whether it be peak season or you're counting the time to pass by, it's crucial to schedule time to prep or clean in between appointments. By reserving time in between bookings, this allows you to reset and plan accordingly for the entire day.

At Booksteam, you or a staff member can program 'Cleanup Minutes' by going to 'Classes' or 'Services' in the 'Settings' tab. Just click on a class or an appointment and fill in the time required after each session is completed.

3. Setup Service Group Appointments

Combining more than one service together (like a manicure and pedicure) in one booking is a great way to optimize sales with one client and assist staff in planning out their day. Also, make sure to take advantage of this opportunity and improve the quality of service you are giving your client.

When the customer is happy with the results, they'll more than likely return and even tell their friends or family members about your salon. Client retention should be one of the main focal points of your business as it's cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a brand new one without any type of word-of-mouth or referral marketing program.

4. Collect & Manage Reviews

Capturing and gaining reviews for your business improves your salon's overall credibility. Boost the number of reviews written about your salon by asking customers (via word-of-mouth, e-mail or social media) to write a review after they've received a service. This will ultimately help improve your SEO rankings in-terms of visibility and can increase the amount of new clients you service.

If you do have reviews on Google or your website that you would like on your booking webpage; just send the team at Booksteam your reviews and we'll import them for you. Oh, and always remember, when and if you get reviews (good or bad) - make sure to respond as this will show clients that you care and ultimately add value to your salon.

5. Get Social with your Business

Promoting your business on social media whether it be on Twitter or Facebook, is a great way to increase traffic to your site, multiply bookings, and spread awareness about your nail salon.

You can also easily impact the number of bookings you get by implementing the 'Book Now' widget into your Facebook Business page. You can also invite them to book by sharing the post template located in the Marketing section of the Booksteam platform.

Interested in learning more? Read our blog regularly for the latest updates!

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Stress can be the common denominator for most people in terms of health, work, and relationships. One of the best ways to...

The Next Big Thing for Booking Massage Appointments The Next Big Thing for Booking Massage Appointments

Stress can be the common denominator for most people in terms of health, work, and relationships. One of the best ways to relieve that tension is through a scheduled massage.

A busy massage therapy clinic needs a powerful and simple booking tool. Equip your business with a system that can automate bookings, schedule repeat appointments, send client reminders, couple more than one treatment together, and program promotions. It's time to streamline your business with our easy-to-use booking platform.

Schedule Recurring Appointments

If a you have a client that has a specific condition and needs bi-weekly or monthly treatments of the same service, you can easily automate the appointment by programming it on repeat. This way, the appointments are constantly recurring at a scheduled time without you or the client continually having to book them manually.

All you need to do is visit one of the appointments that's already been created, travel to the 'Repeat' tab and program when the event will reoccur.

Convenience Your Client With Remote Services

Go to the client rather the client come to you. If you're a Registered Massage Therapist, make your services mobile by allowing your clients to book a treatment at their home or wherever they're staying. By enabling this feature, you'll be able to accommodate more clients which will inevitably increase your bookings and monthly revenue for your spa. Easily coordinate staff members for the spa and mobile services, so that way you can treat all clients.

Release Pressure With Client Reminders

Reminding clients manually about their upcoming Hot Stone Massage appointment can take time out of your busy schedule. It's also more likely your clients will forget about their upcoming appointments if they're not reminded automatically, which can ultimately hurt your bottom line and ruin a relationship with a client.

In the Booksteam software, you can easily program client notifications by going to 'Client Notifications' in the 'Settings' drop down menu. Once you're in 'Client Notifications' you can easily modify the reminder settings, messages, and follow-up messages for e-mails and SMS messages.

Couple Treatments Together In Packages Or Service Groups

Group complementing treatments together, so that clients can easily schedule multiple services in one booking. Whether that be a facial and a therapeutic massage, this is a great way to increase your sales with only one client. Start offering group services by going to 'Settings' and then navigating to 'Services'. Once you're here, select 'Add New Service Group' and starting programming/pairing different services together.

Entice Clients With Promotions

The reason for having promotions is not only to gain new customers and improve monthly revenue, but they're launched to keep current clients, increase the spa's value, compete with other businesses, and access new information about customers. Subscribing to daily, weekly or monthly promotions can easily be done by visiting the 'Sales' tab and then clicking on 'Promotions'.

Begin customizing your promotion(s) by selecting specific days, hours, the code availability, and booking window. Incorporating different limitations on your promotions will encourage the buyer to purchase quickly giving you more business.

Sign-up for our FREE 14-day trial and stay tuned for more tips and tricks on our blog.

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Tattoo shop not getting enough clients? Or is the booking side of your business getting out of the con...

Become The Top Tattoo Artist In Town Become The Top Tattoo Artist In Town

Tattoo shop not getting enough clients? Or is the booking side of your business getting out of the control? If you've answered one out of the two questions, it's time to start re-thinking your booking and advertising strategy.

At BookSteam, we make it easy for you to stay in control of your bookings and help you grow your clientele.

Become the most in-demand tattoo artist by utilizing our online booking software. Our software will help you automate any mobile service that you offer, reserve chairs in your parlour, receive notifications when you or staff members have been booked, and embed a 'Book Now' into your website & Facebook page.

Program Mobile Tattoo Services

Taking your services on the road? Your clients can easily book a remote tattoo appointment with your shop online. Once they're finished picking the date and time, they'll be prompted to fill in their address and contact information for the appointment. In order for you (the service provider) to program remote services, all you need to do is visit 'Settings' travel to 'Services' and select 'Mobile Service (client's address required).

Reserve Chairs

Busy shop or leasing out chairs? Readily reserve chairs for your staff members via BookSteam. Reserving chairs or stations for your staff members is one of the best ways you can stay organized. By doing this in BookSteam, you get a clear, daily roadmap of what chairs are in use and when. Program reservations or resources by navigating to 'Settings' and then 'Resources'. Click on 'Add New Resource' type in the resource name and tag the location. Once this has been programmed, you can then travel back to services or classes and tag a resource to either one.

You'll then be able to manage what resources have been fulfilled for the day/week/month by toggling through the drop down menu on the left-hand side of the calendar.

Get Notified when you've been Booked

Don't be in the dark when you've been booked. Stay in the know and get notified by signing up for SMS messages or email notifications. You and your staff can all receive notifications for new bookings, that way you'll never miss a beat when you've been scheduled. Letting you organize your day conveniently without you having to constantly check your calendar manually 24/7.

Add our BOOK NOW Widget

Attract more attention to your tattoo shop by implementing our 'BOOK NOW' widget into your website. This way, clients can book an appointment directly from your website. You can also embed the widget into your Facebook business page so that clients or followers can book directly from social media. Learn how to integrate this feature here.

Email Marketing

Integrate MailChimp with BookSteam so you can easily send your clients newsletters and e-mail campaigns. You can also track results, manage your subscriber list, and enable email opt-in option for online bookings.  Email marketing is a great way to stay connected with your clients, advertise any promotions or new services, and analyze email campaign results.

Interested in learning more? Check out our blog for the latest updates!

We understand that bookings can be ruff, so make it easier on your pet grooming business by joining BookSteam. We Make it Flexible for ...

Bookings Don't Have To Be So Ruff Bookings Don't Have To Be So Ruff

We understand that bookings can be ruff, so make it easier on your pet grooming business by joining BookSteam.

We Make it Flexible for you to Manage your Bookings and Keep track of all of your Furry Clients

Too many puppies to count? Don't worry, we've got you covered. When your clients first sign-up to create their free BookSteam account, they can easily include the name of their pets in their profile. This way, you can keep track of your clients and their pets to easily identify them and the services they have booked.

Navigate to the 'Settings' tab, go to 'Preferences' and select 'Client Info Fields'. Once you're in this section, just select an Info field and hit 'Edit' - once you've done this, go ahead and customize the fields to fit your business needs.

After this has been saved, this feature will show up in your 'Client Profile' and your customers account as well.

Now that you've tailored your Client Info Fields, it's time to program your services by visiting 'Settings' and then traveling down to 'Services'. In this section, you will be asked to fill out all services detailing the duration, price, the type of service, the staff member(s), and a resource.

Clients will now be able to see the services you offer via your BookSteam Booking Page. They'll be able to select the service, the staff member and the best time that fits their schedule. You can also manage when clients pay. Whether that be at the time of booking or after the service has been completed - we make it easy for everyone.

You'll Ultimately Gain More Clients

BookSteam online scheduler offers a 'Book Now' widget that can be embedded into your website. By incorporating this widget into your website, you can convert all users visiting your website into actual customers. By providing customers with the convenience of online booking and appointment reminders/confirmations, you'll immediately garner trust and gain a positive reputation. You can also collect reviews from your clients, which will help increase the value of your business and expand your sales.

Our analytics tool will also help you measure daily, weekly, and monthly sales for all of your reporting needs. This tool can also track services, staff members, and locations booked - giving you insight on your business and what your customers are looking for.

Interested in learning more? Read our blog regularly for the latest updates!