We’ve got some exciting news for all the ecommerce businesses out there. Today we r...

Promotion Codes Promotion Codes

Promotion Codes

Promotion Codes

We’ve got some exciting news for all the ecommerce businesses out there. Today we released a new feature, promotions, or more specifically - advanced promotional codes. You’ll want to use this as soon as you hear how useful this feature is and how it can spur your revenue.

This simple, yet effective, marketing strategy gives your customers yet another reason to book your services. What promotional codes can do is market your services on your ecommerce site with a special discount. This discount is linked to a specific code that allows customers to get the offer.

Promotional codes, also known as discount or coupon codes, consist of numbers and/or letters (e.g. ‘50OFF’) that you choose yourself. These special codes are extremely successful as they urge people to book, which is good for both your business and your customers. They are also very easy to use, so even less computer savvy individuals will be able to enjoy this feature. But don’t take our word for it, scientific research has confirmed that incentives such as these affect people’s happiness and their overall approach to shopping/booking. What’s also great, promotional codes work well with both, returning and first-time customers.

What are the key features of these promotional codes?

- Promo codes can be linked to the specific services, classes, staff members and locations (even if locations are in different timezones).
- Selected discount can be a percentage or a fixed dollar amount.
- Code availability (when code can be used) can have a date range, set hours or selected days (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday).
- Booking window (for the days services can be booked online) can also have date ranges, set hours and various days.
- Code usage limit can be set on a global scale or per client.

Show me how to create a Promo code

For detailed instructions on how to create a promotion code and other tips and tricks please see our support help link at https://booksteam.com/Support.aspx?sid=1121

So, what’s your excuse? Jump on the bandwagon and start promoting!